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These are spine-covered plants with succulent stems. Green leaves are usually absent. Flowers are typically showy and have numerous waxy petals.
These herbaceous (non-woody) plants typically produce noticeable flowers. Leaves are often broad with netted veins, but they may also be narrow and veinless.
These herbaceous (non-woody) plants lack noticeable flowers. The leaves are ribbon-like with parallel veins, and are often tightly rolled.
Trees, shrubs, and sub-shrubs with obvious woody stems that persist year after year.

(In step two, you will be able to define more characteristics of the weed.)

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Class "A"
Species currently are not present, or have limited distribution in the state; preventing new infestations and eradicating current infestations is a high priority.
Class "B"
Species are limited to portions of the state. In areas that are not infested, weeds should be treated as Class A; in infested areas, containment and prevention of spread are the priority.
Class "C"
Species are widespread throughout the state. Management decisions should be made at a local level based on the feasibility of control and level of infestation.

(Note that not all weeds have a classification, and there may be weeds on the NM list that are not in our database.)